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مرکز پژوهشی زمین‌شناسی پارس آرین‌ زمین دارایThe publishing license is from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. This center is trying to provide the results of its research in the form of books to the country's researchers, and for this purpose, it has published 52 books on the geological topics of hydrocarbon deposits, mineral deposits, natural resources, gemology, and preparation of geological maps.

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Pars Arin Zemin Geological Research Center

Pars Arin Zemin Geological Research Center, the connecting bridge between East and West in studies and research projects and implementation of earth sciences. Arin Zemin (the first private geological and environmental research center in Iran) with more than 20 years of experience in research and implementation projects in various fields of earth sciences, and by taking advantage of the scientific and technical knowledge of more than 45 experts, is ready to provide geological services, resources Energy, mineral and environment, including consulting and implementation inside and outside the country


فعالیت های تجاری شرکت پارس ارین گوهرIncludes: preparation of collectible minerals of Iran and the world, carving of all types of minerals in simple, planar and composite forms, volume carving, preparation of statues of historical greats, training in gemology, gem cutting and volume carving (learning to recognize both face-to-face and virtual preparation of rough samples, design and manufacture of gems using precious metals (gold, silver and platinum)