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Past, present and future of the Earth

Different hypothesis presented about the creation of the earth among which the most plausible one being able to answer the related problems is that one explaining how the earth formed from integration of the meteorites mainly of chondorites.

Past, present and future of the Earth


Past, present and future of the Earth: an overview


Mansour Ghorbani

Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran


Before any discuss about the future of the earth and its possible changes we have to talk about the formation of the earth and its evolution through time.

Different hypothesis presented about the creation of the earth among which the most plausible one being able to answer the related problems is that one explaining how the earth formed from integration of the meteorites mainly of chondorites.


Essentially a chondorite consists of:

- iron and nickel phase, about 15-20%

- silicate phase (composed of olivine, pyroxene ± plagioclase almost 70-75%

- sulfur phase of trolite (FeS2) with other meteorites, about 5%


The earth could have been created by integration of huge number of meteorites through a gravitational force. This type of force incorporated those aggregates with increasing the temperature which resulted in the formation of a globe which had been homogeneous at first.

That temperature was increasing through time owing to the gravitational force and also the nuclear reaction due to the radioactive disintegration which their amount was 15 times more than present time.

The increasing of the earth temperature continued as long as the metal phase (nickel + iron) of the meteorites melted to form lots of metal droplets which scattered uniformly through that. Those droplets incorporated to form some bigger ones moving to the center of the globe. Finally, the core of the earth consisting nickel-iron was formed. That core was bearing some volatiles which had been carried by those melted iron-nickel phase to the center of the earth.

After the formation of the core and its thermal equilibration the first solid nuclei started to create. That solidification is still running and will continue as long as the whole core would be solidified.

In my opinion, the origin of the major activities in the earth including volcanism and global tectonic are rooted in the core. The necessary energy for these activities are provided through the liquid-solid reaction. Another source of energy such as nuclear reaction doesn't play an important role in this process. The best evidence for that is the increasing volcanism and global tectonic activities through time while the energies from radioactive are decreasing.


This is the story of the past and present situation of the earth but what will happen in future in this globe?

Once the core entirely solidified the energy from liquid-solid reaction will decreased to be finished. At that time then, the radioactive energy would be much less than present. By decreasing the internal energy all of the magmatic activities will be stopped and the tectonic activities will also decrease.

At that time the currently active surface processes which erode the mountain will continue globally. After a while the continents would be disappeared and the oceans will be filled by eroded materials from mountains. The surface of the earth then will be covered by water and there will be a real hydrosphere.

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