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Aims and Objectives


The natural resources and sceneries of Iran are unique in the world. However, the immense natural wealth of Iran is not only unknown to the international community but is also hardly acknowledged by the planners and decision-makers of Iran.

Pars Geological Research Center is committed to carrying out applied and developmental studies in order to distinguish and introduce the extensive natural assets of Iran, including metallic and non-metallic mineral deposits, non-renewable energy resources (oil, gas and coal), surface and groundwater resources, natural environmental and ecological sceneries (from the eco-tourism or geo-tourism standpoint), to the people of Iran as well as the outside world. Some of our top priorities are as follows:


  • Identify and introduce natural resources and sceneries of Iran to the international community
  • Acquaint the authorities with natural resources of the country for better planning
  • Acquaint the world with natural resources and the attractive sceneries of Iran to encourage and boost foreign investment
  • Emphasize the imperative role of Iran in this part of the world, particularly from the surface and marine transports point of view 
  • Collaborate with international research organizations in the areas of interest and for scientific-research exchanges
  • Organize short term training courses in the fields related to the activities of the Center, especially recognition of Iran’s natural resources


Pars Geological Research Center intends to expand its activities both at national and international levels through setting up regional/provincial offices.

Accordingly, the main target of the Center has been to study the geology and mining potentials of Central Asian independent countries and their neighboring areas, especially in the Persian-speaking and culturally-related countries like Afghanistan, Tajikistan etc. The Center has inaugurated its branches in Tbilisi (Georgia) and Nancy (France).