Pars Geological Research Center (Arian Zamin)

Arian Zamin centre is a pre – eminent and proactive bridge, connecting East and West in geoscience studies and research projects. It is the first privately owned geology research centre in Iran.

It has been operating since 2001, carrying out research and administering projects in various fields of geoscience. It has more than 45 professional employees who are all qualified and expert in their field of operation.

The centre utilizes the latest scientific methodology and technological advances available in its effort to provide the best quality services to its clients. It offers consultancy, administrative, and management services in geology, mining, energy resources and environment, nationally and internationally.

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Past, present and future of the Earth

Past, present and future of the Earth

Different hypothesis presented about the creation of the earth among which the most plausible one being able to answer the related problems is that one explaining how the earth formed from integration of the meteorites mainly of chondorites.

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